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Your diet program based on bio energetic analysis

Buy here and we will get back on hair sample from you. Expect the report in two weeks after you send in the hair sample.


A test that shows solutions and gives lots of possibilities

It is very easy and very pleasant to reorganize your food towads things that are good for you (and you will see that you and your body mostly already knew what things you "enjoyed as a habit, but then regret having had").

Renewed energy and health

The test explain if you had trouble with energy, digestion, concentration. It shows mineral difficiency and what to do about it. The test shows metal toxicity (from food, drinks, injections, etc) and what to do about it. The test also shows radiation level and what to do about it.


1. Quick questionaire and a hair sample

You will fill out a questionaire on your habits, your likings and what you usually do. You take a hair sample that we send a hair sample to our lab.

2. A complete diet overview

The result is a diet program specified over 50-60 pages, telling which types of meat, fish, hot and cold drinks, spices, vegetables, etc. are your "super foods" and which are the oppisite (which you should avoid). It is very simple, and you have a complete freedom of choice to make a great life style.